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Grounds Service

We look after an area of Torfaen the size of several hundred football pitches. We cut the grass, look after hedges and trees, deal with litter, fly-tipping, and a lot more. It’s a large area to cover so if we’ve missed something you can let us know by contacting us. You can view the calendar of grounds maintenance and cleansing work for 2024 broken into months below.

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Caretaking & Grounds Help

Winter/Adverse Weather

Bron Afon & Torfaen Council work together to address adverse winter weather. You can find helpful links, including winter driving tips and severe weather guidance.


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Visit our self-help guides which cover a wider range of topics regarding caretaking and grounds services. Click the button below.

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If you still have some questions on caretaking and grounds service, then please first visit our self-help guides. If you do not find your answer please fill out our enquiry form and we’ll advise you further.