Add or RemoveOccupants

During your tenancy, you may ask us to add or remove occupants from your property details. To do so, you must complete the Add/Remove an occupant application form.

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to note…

If you want us to add someone new, we will make sure that the proposed occupant is not an existing tenant of ours.  If they are an existing tenant we can still add them as an occupant but they will need to provide four weeks notice to quit their tenancy.  

If they are a former tenant who has former debt this will not stop them from being added as an occupant but they will need to set up a payment plan to clear the outstanding balance.  

We will also confirm that adding a new occupant will not create overcrowding.  If granting the request would mean your property becomes overcrowded, we will decline your application and give you advice on how to find a larger home.

Other Applications

*Any personal information which you provide within any Bron Afon form will be stored securely and confidentially and will be used solely in relation to the subject that you request from the options below. Your personal information will not be supplied to any party outside of Bron Afon.

Need to check your tenancy agreement?

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