Leaseholder FrequentlyAsked Questions

Note* Service Charge Demands – April 1st – We usually only invoice leaseholders once a year in April. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by leaseholders and the answers to those questions.

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Do I have to pay all of my invoice by the end of April?

Yes it should be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date. However, if you contact the Leasehold Team you can make an agreement to spread the cost over the rest of the financial year by Direct Debit. You will also be able to pay your Major Works invoice over a longer period but you need to contact the Leasehold Team to arrange and agree this.

Why have I received invoices to pay service charges – I own my property?

The Lease you own to occupy the property is a legal contract between you and the landlord (us) and in the Lease it explains your responsibilities to pay these charges, what the charges might be and how your contribution is set towards those costs.

What is my 19 digit payment number I need to pay via AllPay?

This is the number shown on your payment card relating to your service charge or major works account.  It is known as the PRN.

Direct Debits

Will my Direct Debit continue after April 1st?

Yes. If you currently have a DD set up for your annual service charges, your DD will be updated and you will receive notification of this from AllPay. If you have a new ‘Major Works’ invoice, you will need to set up another Direct Debit with the help of the Leasehold Team.

Does my Direct Debit include the Ground Rent?

If you already have a DD set up for your annual service charges, the ground rent charge should have been included in the monthly payment calculation.

Ground Rent

Why have I had a Ground Rent Demand?

In Wales, it’s the law to send this demand out when it’s due and in this format.  If you already pay by Direct Debit, payment of the ground rent should have been included but you will still receive the demand.

Why do I receive ground rent demands even though I pay in advance or by direct debit?

The landlord must issue the demand for ground rent in the prescribed format in order to collect it. If you pay in advance or by monthly direct debit you do not need to contact the landlord, as Bron Afon has included this charge into your payment plan. You should just keep the demand for your own records.

How much is my ground rent, when is it due and what is the frequency of the charge?

All this information is included in your lease. The amount is fixed for the length of time of all current Bron Afon leases. The lease will provide a fixed date in the year and the dates vary in different leases. Some ground rents are annual (every year) and some are bi-annual (twice a year). This is set out in your lease.

Block Cleaning

You don’t clean our block, so why am I being charged for block cleaning?

If ‘Block Cleaning/Inspection’ is on your invoice it is included in the schedule for the team delivering those services. If your block does not receive a scheduled clean it will receive a scheduled inspection to check the cleanliness of the block and to make a few safety checks in and around the block.


I haven’t reported any repairs, how do I know if anything was reported and repaired?

Repairs are reported in many ways e.g. tenants, leaseholders, leaseholder tenants, surveyors and other Bron Afon staff. Jobs are then raised and the repair is investigated and/or carried out. We don’t currently tell all tenants or leaseholders in the block of reported repairs or when the repair is carried out. You will find details of all the repairs carried out in this period on the Schedule of Repairs included with your invoice.

We are developing our customer portal called My Bron Afon to make it easier to report new repairs and view completed block repairs.


Can I have a copy of the building insurance premium?

You can view the building insurance summary of cover below.

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How do I make an insurance claim?

Call the Zurich Claim Department on 0800 028 0336 or go to their claim portal by clicking here.


Why does my block have asbestos re-inspections every year?

If there are asbestos-containing materials within our properties or communal areas that we manage, we are required by law to regularly inspect and check if it remains in good condition.  How often we check will be based on the risk.

Why do I have to pay for an asbestos re-inspection every year?

We have to re-inspect periodically as part of our statutory duty and your lease states that you agree to contribute toward the cost.