Need helpwith a repair?

You can report a repair at any time, on either our BA Portal or via our contact page. If your repair is an emergency please call us, you can find out if it’s considered an emergency on our contact page.

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The easiest way to report a repair is by doing it online via the form on this page which will be forwarded to our dedicated team. You can find out if you need to report it via our tenant portal or our website, by visiting our contact page.

What happens after you report a repair on the Bron Afon Portal?

You will receive confirmation that the repair is logged on our system and a member of our team will make contact with you to arrange a mutually convenient time and date to carry out the repair. Sometimes, in the case of non-urgent repairs, there may be a period of time before our team members get in touch. It may also be necessary for one of our repair team members to visit your home for a first visit to assess the extent of the repairs required and then book a follow-up visit to complete these works.

Once we’ve completed the repair we will send you a short digital survey to ask how you feel our repairs and maintenance service performed.. We can then use this information to either improve services or to give our teams positive feedback.

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Repair Timescales

All repairs are put into priority timescales depending on the nature of the problem and the urgency of work required. Below are examples of maintenance problems and their priority timescales.

Emergency (within 24 hours):
Dangerous structures, security risk, severe leaks

Essential (within 3 working days):
Partial loss of power, broken shower unit (if no separate bath), loose or detached banister/handrail

Routine (within 30 working days):
Containable plumbing leaks, minor electrical faults, internal doors sticking

Minor works (within 180 working days):
Plastering, fencing, skirting board & architrave repairs, blocked gutters/leaks (if not directly outside front/rear door)

What repairs are we responsible for?

  •         Windows and external doors
  •         Plumbing
  •         Heating systems
  •         Kitchen units
  •         Internal walls
  •         Floors
  •         Roofs and guttersExternal walls

What repairs are you responsible for?

  • Decoration (this includes any decorating.  For example, if you stripped
    off the wallpaper and the wall needed plastering you would be responsible for doing this).
  • Domestic Appliances (example: kettle, toaster, iron
  • Door numbers, bells, and draught excluders
  • Lost keys/locked out of your home (If you are locked out or have lost
    your keys we will attend but you will be charged for the repair)
  • Fixtures & Fittings (for example, shelving installed by you or a previous tenant)
  • Garden maintenance (including trees/hedges)
  • TV aerials/satellite dishes and sockets (We are responsible if it’s a communal aerial in a block of flats. You must have written permission from us to fit an aerial or satellite dish to your home. If we need to move aerials or satellite dishes to carry out work you will have to pay for them to be moved and refitted)
  • Broken glass/glazing (You are responsible for the glass/ glazing in any windows, doors or porches in your home. If one of your windows is smashed we will come and board it up to make it secure. If you are the victim of a crime and your home has been damaged, you must report it to the police and ask for a crime number. Please make sure you tell us the crime number when you report the damage; however, we may still charge you for the work.
  • Toilet seats
  • Rats – (we will attend for rats inside your home and block any access points however it is your responsibility to remove an infestation outside your home)

What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs are those that are essential to protect your health and safety or to prevent any serious damage to your home.  We aim to get them sorted for you or made safe within 24 hours. 

Emergency repairs include:

  • Broken windows or doors boarded up for security
  • Any severe leak that can’t be stopped
  • Fire
  • Lighting to your communal stairs, landings or fire escapes
  • Exposed electrical wires and broken sockets
  • Damaged fire doors to communal areas in flats
  • A wall in danger of collapsing or other structural issues
  • Unsecure external doors or window locks on the ground floor
  • Total or partial loss of heating or water heating between 31st October and 1st May

Gas Safety

Gas is dangerous! If an appliance is not working properly it can give out carbon monoxide fumes. You cannot smell, taste, or see carbon monoxide. If you are exposed to carbon monoxide even for a short period of time, it can cause serious injury or even death.

If you have a gas installation in your home we will check it every year to protect you from any potential hazards such as carbon monoxide.

By law we must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues, and appliances in a safe condition. We do not maintain your own appliances, such as cookers but we do make sure they are safe to use. If they are not, we will turn them off and disconnect them for your safety.
  • Ensure a yearly gas service and safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer on each appliance, pipework, and flue.
  • Keep a record of each gas service and safety check. When your gas service and safety check is due, we will contact you with an appointment.

It is important that you:

  • Reply quickly when you receive your annual gas service and safety check appointment. If it is not a suitable time for you, we will be happy to rearrange your appointment.
  • Allow us access to your home at the agreed appointment time to carry out repairs or the annual gas service and safety check.
  • Tell us of any faults or damage to any gas appliance immediately.
  • Make sure any air vents are not blocked up if you have a gas appliance.
  • We will also disconnect any of your own appliances if they are unsafe.

If we do not gain access to your home to carry out the gas service and safety check, we will take legal action and recharge you the costs.

Rechargeable Repairs

We respect and value you as a tenant and in return we expect you to respect and value your home. There are times where we fix something that was caused by misuse, abuse or negligence by you, your family, or visitors to your home. In almost all cases we will charge you for this work. 

Here are some examples of repairs you could be recharged for if we do the work:

  • Deliberate damage to fixtures, fittings, or your home.
  • Misuse or vandalism to our appliances in your home.
  • Accidental damage caused by your family or visitors to your home.

We recommend you take out home contents insurance to cover accidental damage. 

If repair work is needed for this type of damage, we will not do it unless there is a risk to health and safety or it’s covered by the ‘right to repair’. 

Moving Out

If you move out of your home make sure you do the following work before you hand in your keys:

  • carry out any outstanding repairs that are your responsibility.
  • clear out any unwanted furniture including items in your loft, shed, and garden.
  • clean your home.

If you move out and we have to do any work that was your responsibility we will charge you for it. If you have done work to your home without our permission or it does not meet the required standards you will have to return it to the original state or we will charge you.

Criminal Damage

If you are the victim of a crime and your home has been damaged, you must report it to the police and ask for a crime number. Please make sure you tell us the crime number when you report the damage. But we may still charge you for the work.