Help improve Bron Afon’s plans for the future and how we spend money on homes in Torfaen.

Help us make sure we’re building better services, designed with you.

Help us shape how we share information on our targets and how we’re performing.

If you want to get involved, or just want the chance to tell us what matters to you about where you live or how contacting us feels then join ‘Your Voice’.

This is a dedicated group, open to all Bron Afon customers, that will help us improve the quality of our customer service, build better services, help us make sure we make the right decisions and invest for the best results.

You have the choice to be involved as little or as much as you like.  A ‘Your Voice’ volunteer will have the chance to:

  • Test new services to make sure they work well
  • Give feedback and views via online surveys
  • Join workshops and events to help us research plans and shape decisions
  • Give us feedback on how we’re doing against the targets and standards we should achieve
  • Enjoy being part of Your Voice

It’s up to you!

Our Senior Management Team and Board want to make sure that ‘Your Voice’ is heard.

Send Feedback

Get involved with the Bron Afon Community Development Team to have your say

If you’re looking to get involved with our Community Development then check out more information below, and if you’re interested simply fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page and select the relevant enquiry.

Scrutiny Team

The scrutiny team is the independent voice for Bron Afon. They review services that are important to tenants and make recommendations based on what they find. Working with staff they develop agreed action plans and monitor their implementation. They meet monthly and carry out many tasks such as interviewing staff and tenants, report writing, conducting surveys and online research. It is an interesting and exciting voluntary role that makes a real difference to the tenants of Bron Afon. It is a chance to use your existing skills and develop further skills and confidence.

Consultations & Focus Groups

Consultations and focus groups give you an opportunity to influence decisions about the way your homes and Bron Afon services are managed. Your views help us to continuously review and identify priorities that are important to you. Each consultation, whether carried out by survey, online or face to face, will always have an expiry date at which point the findings will be written up and presented for discussion.

Rant and Rave

Rant and Rave is our new digital customer feedback system. You can tell us how we’re doing through regular SMS and email surveys. We will ask you to rate our service and why you gave that score. That’s it! No long survey, no list of 20 questions. We are listening to this real-time insight and will make changes to improve where we can.

Community Investment

Would you like to be part of a Dragons Den style panel?  ‘Pitch 4 Pounds’ is our award winning Bron Afon funded budget of a small pot of money that local groups, organisations and businesses based in Torfaen can apply for. Applicants are invited to pitch their project idea to a panel of staff and we would like customers to join our panel.

We have lots of ways to get involved!

Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions can help shape our business,
improve our services and build strong/flourishing communities
that everyone can be proud of. Your voice matters and we have
created a number of ways you can get involved.