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A Leasehold ownership of a home is a long-term tenancy which gives the leaseholder the right to use the property for living purposes for a set period of time. We have over 900 leasehold properties in Torfaen and we have a specialist leasehold management team who can help you with any questions.

The team is there to help you with any issues such as:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder.
  • Major works or improvements that may be carried out to your block.
  • Making alterations to your property.
  • Paying service charges.
  • Subletting or selling your home.
  • Anti-social behaviour or boundary disputes. You have a designated leaseholder team. You can contact them on

Leaseholder annual service charge- FAQS

How satisfied are you, are your details correct and how do you want to be involved?