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Leasehold ownership of a home is a long-term tenancy that
gives the leaseholder the right to use the property for living
purposes for a set period of time.

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to note…

We have over 900 leasehold properties in Torfaen and we have a specialist leasehold management team who can help you with any questions.

The team is there to help you with any issues such as:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder.
  • Major works or improvements that may be carried out to your block.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Making alterations to your property.
  • Paying service charges.
  • Subletting or selling your home.

We have a designated Leaseholder team at Bron Afon, you can contact them here.

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*Any personal information which you provide within any Bron Afon form will be stored securely and confidentially and will be used solely in relation to the subject that you request from the options below. Your personal information will not be supplied to any party outside of Bron Afon.

The Bron Afon Major Works Projects involving Leasehold Properties.

The 5-year capital plan was an area of interest during the last policy review, as it had been included in the previous policy, but the plan was never made visible. In the latest policy we committed to developing a plan for the next 2 years and making it available on tour website. We also committed to expanding this to a 5-year plan before the current policy was due for review. The table below now provides some general information about planned major works, which include leasehold properties. This will help leaseholders affected to prepare for these programmes of work being carried out on blocks that include their properties.

These plans are flexible and the Asset Team will review them regularly. It means things may move in the timeline, but it still gives you an earlier indication of any work planned at your block. The plan below shows what is currently in the programme for the next 2 financial years. If you have any questions about the proposed work shown in the table, please email

You will see under the table a date that will show when the programme was last reviewed/changed. This will help leaseholders make sure they know they have the latest information available.

Planned Delivery Year Project Name General Description Blocks with leasehold flats
2023-24 Bythway Road – Roof replacement Renew roof covering 48-54 Bythway Road
2023-24 1-32 Viaduct Court – Roof replacement Renew roof covering and carry out external works 1-8, 9-16, 17-24 & 25-32 Viaduct Court
2023-24 1-12 Tyn y Coed – Roof replacement Renew roof covering 1-4 & 9-12 Tyn y Coed
2023-24 Gwent Square – Refurbishment Internal & external refurbishment 1 (B-E) Gwent Square
2023-24 Northville – External works Work to balconies & external staircases 13+15 Porthmawr Road & 2+4 Conway Close
31+33 Porthmawr Road & 1+2 Hanbury Close
49+51 Porthmawr Road & 1+2 Plas Islwyn
61+63 Porthmawr Road & Mead Lane 11+13
74+76 Porthmawr Road & 2+4 Plas Trosnant
78+80 Porthmawr Road & 1+3 Plas Trosnant
8-14 (Evens) Porthmawr Road
8-14 (Evens) Grange Lane
7-13 (Odds) Trussel Road
32-38, 50-56 & 58-64 (Evens) Pontnewydd Walk
2023-24 Celyn Court & Hillside Court – Refurbishment Internal & external refurbishment 1-7, 8-14 & 15-21 Celyn Court and 8-14 Hillside Court
2023-24 18-24 Whitebrook Way – Roof replacement Renew roof covering 18-24 Whitebrook Way
2024-25 TBC
Most of the previously planned works for 2023/24 has been moved on and will be carried out, so please keep checking this part of the website for updates.
Last Updated : 3 March 2023
LAST UPDATED:  12th August 2022

Still have some questions? That's fine!

Head over to our Self-Help Guides which are jam-packed with our most frequent questions and answers.

Useful Links

We worked with some of our leaseholders to pick out these useful links. If you think of any other links that would benefit other leaseholders, please email

Advisory Service (LEASE)

The Leasehold Advisory Service is one of the best places to find answers to your residential leasehold questions or problems.

They offer education and training on issues to help you avoid future problems. Along with free advice on issues including service charges, extending your lease, buying the freehold, right to manage, and applying to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) / Residential Property Tribunal (RPT).

Communities & Local Government

You will find a publication provided by the Communities and Local Government.

It’s called “Residential Long Leaseholders – A guide to your rights and responsibilities” it explains what you can expect as a leaseholder, your responsibilities around looking after your home, and also your rights.


This briefly explains the many things that can affect leaseholders and it also contains many links with more information.

It gives a brief overview of what a leasehold property is and also covers subjects like leaseholder rights and responsibilities, service charges and other expenses, changing or ending a lease, and leasehold disputes.

Land Registry

This is the land registry, it has useful information on boundaries and land ownership.

HM Land Registry safeguards land and property ownership valued at £7 trillion, enabling over £1 trillion worth of personal and commercial lending to be secured against property across England and Wales.

Gas Safety Register

It is vital for the safety of residents and visitors to blocks of flats that all gas appliances are safe and checked regularly by registered engineers.

Here you will find the Gas Safety Register, which will list all gas safe engineers in any specified area.

Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service is full of money-saving tips and ideas to help you save money or cut costs in your home.

It’s an easy way to get clear, free, impartial help for all your money and pension choices. Whatever your circumstances or plans, and for free guidance, you can trust, they can help.

My Bron Afon

My Bron Afon allows you to check on your annual service charge accounts and report repairs to blocks containing your leasehold properties.

It’s our web portal and free app, that makes it easy for you to manage your tenancy with us.  Check your rent balance, make a payment, report non-urgent repairs, and more, at any time day or night.

Torfaen Council's Portal

This link is for the planning portal for Torfaen County Council.

You will be able to see the weekly list of the planning applications, get information about Building Control, regeneration and conservation, and much more.

Major Works

A Good Practice Guide for leaseholders produced by The Welsh Government.

Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), Community Housing Cymru (CHC), and The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE).

Our staff and leaseholders contributed to the development of this guide.

Administration Fees

As a leaseholder or shared owner of Bron Afon Community Housing Ltd. you may need to access information or seek permission from us.

This document provides summary of the fees and charges associated with the work required to process and provide the information required.

Rights and Obligations

This summary, which briefly sets out your rights and obligations in relation to administration charges, must by law accompany a demand for administration charges.

Unless a summary is sent tSelect URLo you with a demand, you may withhold the administration charge. The summary does not give a full interpretation of the law and if you are in any doubt about your rights and obligations you should seek independent advice.

Have some questions?

Read our Leaseholder FAQ, if you have any other questions then please feel free to contact us directly.
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