My Bron Afon

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We have over 8,000 homes in Torfaen and are building new homes every year. Our homes are affordable and maintained to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

We have lots of different types of housing across Torfaen, some of them are listed below. You will need to apply through Torfaen Homeseeker to live in one of our homes.

What sort of housing are you looking for?

One of our homes

Register with Homeseeker to bid for one of our homes.

16 - 24 year old housing

Find out more about our housing support service if you are in this age group.

Retirement housing

If you are aged over 60 you can apply to live in one of our retirement schemes.

Swap homes

Homeswapping (also known as mutual exchange) is a popular way to move home quickly and easily. If you have an assured or secured tenancy you can swap homes with anyone who is a social housing or local authority tenant anywhere in the UK.