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Swap homes

Mutual exchange allows two or more tenants to swap their tenancies and their homes. This is a popular way for tenants to move quickly and easily.

How does it work?

If you have an assured or secured tenancy you can swap homes with anyone who is a social housing or local authority tenant anywhere in the UK.

Once you have found someone that you want to swap homes with please contact us for a home exchange request form. fill it in and send it back to us.  After we receive the  form we will start the work so you can swap homes.

Can I have a mutual exchange?

If you have no arrears and have lived in your current home for more than a year without any breaches of your tenancy agreement. You could be eligible for a mutual exchange. As long as the property you want to move into has the correct number of bedrooms. You can’t move if it means you will be over crowded or under occupying in the new property. You can find out more about what size property the government deems suitable for you here. If you want to register for a move in Torfaen you can find the correct form here or if you would like to move further you can find a full list of national locations here.

How do I find a swap?


Homeswapper is a nationwide service where you can meet other tenants looking to swap homes. Homeswapper helps match you with the type of home you are looking for.

It is a free service and all you need to do is register online.