Sole to JointContract Application

A sole contract holder can apply to have another person added as a joint contract holder.  Bron Afon will allow up to four people to be listed as joint contract holders within one contract.  Please note, joint contract holders have equal rights within the contract. Please make sure this is the correct decision for you. Any further guidance or advice can be sought through Citizens Advice.

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to note…

As a sole contract holder, you can request to add your husband, wife, partner or relative as a joint contract holder.

The person you’re adding as a joint contract holder must be able to prove that they have lived in the property for 12 months, have no outstanding rent arrears or recharges, have good conduct of behaviour and prove that they are eligible for housing in the UK.

To apply for a joint contract, complete and sign the sole to joint application.

Your Community Housing Officer will complete an investigation and request any further information within 14 days of receiving the application. Once any additional information has been received, the officer with have one month to either refuse or grant the request. If your application is successful, all contract holders will attend a sign-up appointment and the proposed contract holder will complete a new joint contract.

Other Applications

*Any personal information which you provide within any Bron Afon form will be stored securely and confidentially and will be used solely in relation to the subject that you request from the options below. Your personal information will not be supplied to any party outside of Bron Afon.

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