Comments, Complaints
& Compliments.

We want to provide a consistent, high-quality service to our tenants and customers. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong and you may need to tell us that you’re not satisfied with the service you’ve received.

What is a complaint?


A complaint is:

  • when you are not happy with a service you have received from us.
  • made in writing or by email, online or phone.
  • made by a single person or group of people
  • about a standard of service provided or lack of action taken
Download Complaints Policy - 2022

What is not a complaint?

As written in our Complaints Policy we will not treat the following as a complaint:

  • You are asking for a service (to do this please contact us here or check our other self-help guides)
  • You are reporting Anti-Social Behaviour, such as a Noise Complaint.
  • You are reporting a defect.
  • It’s about a personal injury or insurance claim.
  • The issue is being dealt with by another organisation, for example, Torfaen County Council or the Police Authority.

How do I make a complaint?

Sometimes things can go wrong. If you feel that the service we have provided has not met your expectations, let us know so we can put it right.

We want to make giving feedback as easy as we can, so you can comment, compliment, or make a complaint, by:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Letter
  • In-person
  • My Bron Afon (register here)
  • Website
  • Responding to one of our satisfaction surveys or listening posts.

If you are writing to us, please send your letter to: Customer Quality Officer at Tŷ Bron Afon, William Brown Close, Llantarnam Industrial Park, Cwmbran, Torfaen NP44 3AB. Or email

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone, including a child, can make a complaint.

If a young person or child tells us about a concern, we will help them to submit their complaint.  This could include letting them know about available help from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Someone else can also put forward a concern on behalf of another person such as:

  • Someone who is unwell or has died
  • A child
  • Those who are not capable of doing so
  • Those who have been asked to do so by the person affected

We will check to make sure that the person making the complaint has given permission for us to discuss their details with someone else. We may ask for a signed document to confirm this.

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I need support to make a complaint.

If you need help to make a complaint we will support you through the complaints process and refer you to a different service if needed.

We can also help if you need:

  • to make a spoken complaint .
  • translation and interpreting services.
  • information in large print, braille, audio, and other languages.
  • to meet in places with disabled access and hearing loops.

What if I need help?

If you need extra help, we will do what we can. We might put you in touch with other services such as Age Cymru, Meic, or the Children’s Commissioner for Wales who may also be able to help you. Their contact details are:

Age Cymru:


Telephone: 01633 763330

Meic Helpline:

Telephone: 0808 802 3456


Children’s Commissioner for Wales:

Telephone: 0808 801 1000



The Complaints Procedure

We want to resolve complaints the first time. We have clear guidance for our staff to make sure that we are fair, consistent, and open. Each complaint is different, but by following the same clear steps, we make sure that your complaint has been taken seriously and resolved professionally.

What do we expect from you?

In times of trouble or distress, we understand that some people may act out of character. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard, understood, and respected. We also believe that our staff have the same rights. We, expect you to be polite when you contact us. We will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour, unreasonable demands, or unreasonable persistence. We have a separate policy to manage situations when we find that someone’s actions are unacceptable.

How do we deal with anonymous complaints?

If you would like to make an anonymous complaint, please be aware that although we may act on the information provided, we will not be able to advise you of the action we have taken.

How do we put things right?

We aim to resolve complaints by dealing with outstanding issues quickly.  This means improving how we communicate, saying sorry when something’s not right and making sure that we learn from the complaint.

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