Comments, Complaints
& Compliments.

We aim to resolve complaints the first time. We have clear guidance for our staff to ensure we are fair, consistent, and open. We follow the same clear steps for every complaint.  This allows us to make sure that your complaint is managed properly.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is:

  • When you tell us that you’re dissatisfied with a service
  • Written, spoken or made by any other communication method.
  • Made by an individual or group of people.
  • About the standard of service you have received or the action/lack of action taken by the service provider.
  • Something which requires a response.

Our complaint process:

Stage one:

We are committed to great customer service. We think it’s best to deal with complaints straight away when we possibly can.  If you have a concern, we ask that you tell the person that you’re dealing with. They will try to resolve it for you there and then, and will be able to provide information on advice and support if you need it.

Stage two:

If you are not happy with the response you receive at stage one, stage 2 complaints will be handled by a member of the Heads of Service Team. When technical knowledge is needed, a service manager will be asked to lead the investigation into the complaint, and this will be managed by a Head of Service.

You can find out more information about our processes at each stage in our self-help guides.

Additional Help

You can have a look at our Complaints Policy here.

Our Self-Help Guides might answer any questions you many have, check them out here.

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