Sustainability atBron Afon.

Sustainable Development is really important to us. For us, it means putting our sustainable beliefs into action. We want to continue to deliver services that meet the needs of our customers and communities today and in the future.

Sustainable Development means improving economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being by taking action on climate change to make a difference to our services today, as we drive sustainable futures for our communities.

We are committed to delivering our services and the way we work in a sustainable way. We want our customers and colleagues to see the positive effects we have on the environment, society, and economy. We believe our sustainability pledge will enable us to achieve our ambition of creating flourishing communities in our part of Wales, where everyone has a quality home to live in and where people who need it are supported and encouraged.

We are a small organization, and we want to maximize our contribution towards building a sustainable Wales. We have adopted the Well-being Goals and the ways of working introduced under the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and are using them to guide our decisions and actions. In this way, we can work proactively as part of a collective effort that will benefit our customers, colleagues, and communities.

Our Sustainability

We are passionate about doing better  and finding the most effective ways to improve our services for our customers and communities. We also want to make sure that we recognise and encourage the positive contributions our staff make to the organisation..This section gives an overview of our sustainability approach. We recently worked with Afallen to assess  where we are and look at our options for improving our sustainability. 

Our Social Value

Social Value is really important to us.

It’s a term used for capturing the positive, economic, social, and environmental value an organization provides to society.

Sustainability is how we aim to continue delivering this value for the future.  Lots of the work we do is focused on enabling and delivering social value as part of our services.

Top 10 Energy Saving Eco-FriendlyIdeas For Your Home

Mae Datblygu Cynaliadwy yn broses o wella lles economaidd, cymdeithasol, amgylcheddol a diwylliannol trwy gymryd camau sy’n ceisio sicrhau bod anghenion heddiw yn cael eu diwallu heb gyfaddawdu ar allu cenedlaethau’r dyfodol i ddiwallu eu hanghenion eu hunain.

Trwy ymgorffori’r egwyddor datblygu cynaliadwy yn ein diwylliant a’n gweithrediadau, byddwn yn gallu parhau i gyflawni a gwella’r effeithiau cadarnhaol a gawn ar yr amgylchedd, y gymdeithas a’r economi. Credwn y bydd yn ein galluogi i gyflawni ein huchelgais o greu cymunedau llewyrchus yn ein rhan ni o Gymru, lle mae gan bawb gartref o safon i fyw ynddo a lle mae pobl sydd ei angen yn cael eu cefnogi a’u hannog.

Wondering where to compare gas and electricity tariffs?

Ofgem (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) regulates the companies who run gas and electricity networks. They have approved a number of online comparison sites that are a good place to look when comparing energy tariffs and suppliers.

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