Mutual Exchange Application Form

You could be eligible for a mutual exchange if you have no arrears and have lived in your current home for more than a year without any breaches of your contract and the property you want to move into has the correct number of bedrooms (you can’t move if it means you’ll be overcrowded or under-occupying in the new property).

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Please let us know the adaptions you have (if any) to the property.

Notes for applicants

It is recommended that you seek your own independent legal advice in relation to mutually exchanging your home

Please note that if you do not provide Bron Afon with the full facts, provide false information or do not tell the office about important changes in your situation between your application and the time a decision is made, this could result in your application being refused and/ or action being taken against your tenancy.

Use of personal information: By signing this application, you are agreeing for Bron Afon Community Housing to store and share the information you have provided with any relevant partners as part of the assessment process.