Sole TenancyApplication Form

If you are a joint tenant and want to apply to be a sole tenant you need to complete the application form below. The person leaving your property will also need to give us four weeks’ notice to quit the property.  Once we’ve received both your application and the notice to quit, your community housing officer will investigate and contact you as soon as possible with a decision.

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If you wish to apply for a sole tenancy then this form needs to be completed. Upon receipt of this application we will carry out the necessary investigations to determine if your request for a sole tenancy can be approved.

Please note that a joint tenancy must be brought to an end by way of four weeks notice from one or both tenants before we can consider an application for a sole tenancy. This can be completed by signing the four weeks notice to quit (see below).

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Please enter the name of person seeking sole tenancy.
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Property details:

Details of tenant seeking to terminate the tenancy:

Please list any other considerations that you would like us to take into account when assessing the sole tenancy application:


It is advisable for you to obtain independent legal advice in relation to any changes that you wish to make to your tenancy.


By signing this form, both parties are agreeing for Bron Afon Community Housing to store and share the information you have provided with any relevant partners as part of the assessment process. You are also confirming that all information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge. Any false statements made may result in Bron Afon taking legal action.


If my application for sole tenancy is successful I understand that I will be solely responsible for ensuring all of the tenancy obligations are adhered too. This includes the responsibility of the current condition of the property (including the responsibility to rectify any damage or tenant own improvements should you later vacate) and for the payment of rent, including any rent arrears.


I herby give 4 weeks notice to terminate the current joint tenancy at