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Is Bron Afon responsible for things on the street?

(Streets) Highways and street “furniture” are considered as: bins, lighting, signage, benches, and subways. 

We are responsible for a small number of paths and roads. It does not matter who owns the land in many situations, as the Council will still be responsible for maintaining (including cleaning) the streets and roads they are responsible for.  

Things like bins and lights are there because of the footpath or road, so responsibility for these would rest with the owner of the street (highway) for example, a full bin in the street would be dealt with by the body with responsibility for the path or road. This is usually the Council. For more info and to report issues with TCBC litter bins, go to: Litter Bins | Torfaen County Borough Council.

If you have noticed dog and litter bins overflowing, then please click here.

If you’re query is about Street Lights, then please follow this link.

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