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Do you offer a block cleaning service?

We offer a basic cleaning service. The average visit ranges from 10 – 30 minutes and includes:

  • a clean every month. 
  • sweeping and cleaning with a cloth or mop 
  • checking shared parts (e.g., corridors, drying area) for safety
  • identifying fly tipping and liaising with colleagues 
  • returning to remove items if needed 

 It does not include:

  • removal of ground-in permanent marks, cigarette burns and the like*.  

* Painted surfaces and general wear and tear to parts of corridors and halls etc. can contribute to a “shabby” appearance but this is not an issue that can be sorted out by cleaning, unfortunately. 

Please help us and your neighbours by keeping shared parts (for example, corridors, drying areas) clear of mess and other items. 

Please remember: 

  • corridors are not spaces to store your personal items including bikes 
  • to keep the bin area and your shed (if you have one) clear and tidy 
  • only fire rated door mats are allowed in corridors 
  • not to block fire escapes and exits 

If you find any of the following, please let us know: 

  • fire doors propped open  
  • damage fire alarm buttons, door closers  
  • items blocking fire escape (if you can, move the items to a safer place)

Please do not leave items in the corridor or bin store unless you have already made arrangements for them to be removed, then place them out for collection no earlier than the day before.

There is a charge for items we remove. 


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