What is considered fly-tipping?

Not everything left in the streets is “fly-tipping,” for example unwanted items, bins and containers and other material rejected by Torfaen Council Waste Crews. You should report concerns about this to the Council for investigation.  

For more info on Torfaen Council services around bins and recycling, to report issues or to find out what is collected and when from your address, see here: Bins and Recycling | Torfaen County Borough Council  

This does not include items inside our buildings, particularly bin stores or bin enclosures. If reported or noticed, we will assess the value of an item – we cannot remove personal possessions that have value.

Please do not leave items in the corridor, bin store or in the street unless you have already made arrangements for them to be removed, then place them out for collection no earlier than the day before.

Torfaen County Borough Council offers a collection service for bulky items Request a Bulky Household Collection.

You may want to consider giving your item new life by donating it to a local charity for re-use.

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