2023 Planned Works Calendar

Calendar of Grounds Maintenance & Cleansing Work


This is a list of some of the jobs we do on the land we look after throughout the year. Footpaths and roads where we have houses and flats are looked after by Torfaen council. They also deal with everything related to bins and recycling. You can let them know about any problems by calling 01495 762200.

All year round we litter pick and deal with fly-tipping on our land and in communal areas.

Each week we clear bins and carry out safety checks at the shops and play areas that we own. We also visit our retirement schemes to inspect and clean them.

Once a month we clean and inspect common areas in our blocks of flats. If you see the team out and about please let them know if you have any worries or concerns. Let the team know if someone in your block is not removing their waste correctly.

January and February:

Ongoing winter maintenance work to shrubs and hedges (started in October of the previous year). 


Ongoing work on shrubs and hedges will be completed this month.

Grass cutting (March to October)

This includes general and enclosed areas within blocks and at retirement schemes. It happens on a fortnightly cycle. Please bear in mind this work starts mid-month and is weather dependant, so may have an element of “stop / start” according to rainfall and ground conditions.  

April: Ongoing grass cutting work  

We can carry out any necessary preparation for biodiversity areas  early this month, depending on requirements. 

We normally start weed control on Bron Afon hard surfaced areas in this month. There is also increased maintenance around blocks to control weeds and other maintenance inside enclosed blocks. 


Ongoing grass and work around blocks.

Summer shrub pruning in specific cases.

Summer Season –

June to September: Ongoing grass, work around blocks and summer pruning.  

By now (depending on growth) shrubs and hedges may have grown so much that they can “interfere” with the footpath, blocking footways. Where a genuine danger exists, we can lightly prune growth and brambles growing into the footpath on request. An image will help us decide the level of risk posed, if any. See hedges and shrubs self-help notes.

Winter Season:

Winter season starts


We may carry on with grass maintenance depending on the weather. It is likely that grass will continue to grow, so we will continue cutting until mid-month. We will also cut and clear the sites we manage for nature.  

This is the month when we start hedge and shrub bed maintenance.

Although snow is now more likely around January / February, snow clearance and limited gritting is provided under the general “winter work” banner. 

November and December:

Ongoing winter shrub maintenance and additional cleansing.

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