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Who can I get help in adverse winter weather conditions?

(Winter) adverse winter weather – Bron Afon proactively prepare our resources to respond promptly to snow and freezing conditions, ensuring safe access for our customers during adverse winter weather.

We monitor local weather warnings from the Met Office and where practical, we will take preventative actions (amber Met Office warnings and above). However, our focus will be taking action after a snowfall or severe frost. We will give priority to ensuring safe access to our retirement housing schemes.

Discover a range of helpful links provided by Torfaen County Borough Council that can assist Bron Afon residents in dealing with winter-related matters. These links cover essential topics such as winter driving tips, making maintenance inquiries, accessing resources, and receiving guidance for severe weather events.

Whether you’re looking for advice on safe driving, have questions about winter maintenance, need useful resources, or require support during severe weather, these links offer valuable information and assistance to help you navigate the challenges of the winter season effectively.

Highways and main roads are nearly always the responsibility of the Local Authority which operate their own priority response. If you have queries/concerns about access to main roads during freezing conditions, please contact Torfaen Council in the first instance.

TCBC have several pages of guidance about its operations:

Winter Driving Tips | Torfaen County Borough Council 

Winter Maintenance Enquiry | Torfaen County Borough Council 

Winter Maintenance Resources | Torfaen County Borough Council 

Winter Maintenance Service | Torfaen County Borough Council 

TCBC also have civic guidance related to severe weather events: Severe Weather | Torfaen County Borough Council 

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