When are bin collections?

Bins and collection of waste and recycling are the Council’s responsibility. They have processes in place to deal with a missed collection and to investigate side waste. They will contact us if necessary for example, once they have investigated, to arrange removal.  

This includes recycling queries (unless it specifically relates to mess in a purpose-built bin store managed by Bron Afon.) The Council deals with bin queries, including replacement bins and uncollected containers, the supply of recycling boxes, bags, and new bins  

When it comes to “unwanted items” and other material rejected by the Torfaen Council’s Waste Crews, this may not really be fly tipping. Most bin-collection points sit on the Council’s footpaths, so all reports about this need to be passed to them for investigation, apart from material inside our buildings, particularly bin stores or bin enclosures 

On their “rounds” The Councils Waste Crews will flag issues with items left at collection points using system onboard their wagons. An officer will inspect these reports, this can take a day or so to process and react. Where items are left at bin collection points beyond these times in the street, you can report concerns about this to the Council for investigation.  

For more info on Torfaen Council services around bins and recycling, to report issues or to find out what is collected and when from your address, see: Bins and Recycling | Torfaen County Borough Council   

Also, you can check your collection day / arrangements here. 

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