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How do I apply for a sole tenancy?

In some cases a joint tenancy may break down and one tenant may want to stay in the home as a sole tenant. This may happen when a joint tenant provides four week’s notice to quit the property, or through a court order requesting a tenant be removed.

If a joint tenant provides a notice to quit, this will end the tenancy for all joint tenants.  We will send all joint tenants confirmation that we have received the notice to quit and let you know the end of tenancy date.  In the letter we will ask the remaining tenant to contact us within 14 days if they wish to be considered for a sole tenancy.  

A sole tenancy application form must be completed.

Your Community Housing Officer will complete an investigation and let you know if the sole tenancy has been granted or refused.  If your application is successful you will attend a sign-up appointment and complete a new tenancy agreement.

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