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We’re carrying out asbestos surveys in some of your homes.

Asbestos, a once commonly used mineral in construction, poses potential health risks if its fibers are released into the air. While the mere presence of asbestos isn’t harmful, it’s crucial to identify and manage any deteriorating asbestos-containing materials in your home.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into:

Understanding Asbestos: What is it, and why was it used so extensively in the past?

Our Responsibility: Why Bron Afon is undertaking this survey and what it means for your safety.

The Survey Process: How Life Environmental, our experienced partner, will conduct the survey, and what you can expect during their visit.

Your Role: How you can assist in ensuring the survey is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Post-Survey Steps: What happens after the survey, and how we’ll use the information gathered.

Information for Leaseholders: Guidance for those who own their properties.

We understand that the word ‘asbestos’ can be concerning for many, but rest assured, this survey is a proactive measure to ensure your safety. Through this series, we aim to keep you informed, address any concerns, and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Asbestos Survey 

As part of our role as your landlord, we need to come into some of your homes to carry out an essential asbestos survey.  Here is some information about it.

What is asbestos? 

Asbestos is a mineral that was once used a lot in buildings and products because it is resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion.  It is not a problem unless materials containing it become damaged and loose asbestos fibres are released into the air. 

What does Bron Afon need to do? 

We must manage the risk of asbestos within your home.  This is why we need to have up to date information on any materials in it that may contain asbestos.  

An asbestos survey will help us to check this, so we can make sure your home is safe and make others aware for work they need to do in your home in future. 

How will the survey be carried out? 

Our partner, Life Environmental, will carry out the survey on our behalf. One of their surveyors will look around your home to identify any material that may contain asbestos. If they do see something that may contain asbestos, they will take a small sample of the material and send it to a laboratory.  It will then be tested for asbestos and we will get a report about it. 

Life Environmental are very experienced in carrying out asbestos surveys in homes and know where to look. Very often, they can confirm the material without needing to take any sample. 

When will the survey be carried out?  

We will write to all customers who live in homes that are due to have the asbestos survey. Within the next three months, Life Environmental will contact you directly to book a convenient date and time to do the survey. 

What can you do to help? 

You can help by making sure there is access to all areas within your home, and that cupboards are easily accessible with items removed. 

What happens next? 

Once we have received the report about the asbestos survey, we will carefully review it to find out if we have to arrange any further work that needs to be done.  

We will keep all of the information from the report and will make sure we provide it to anyone who needs it for any work that may be done in your home in the future. 


If you are a leaseholder and your property requires an asbestos survey, we can advise you about companies that can provide this service. 

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