Damp, mould and condensation

Working with you to manage damp and condensation and help prevent mould in your home.

As your landlord, we are required to maintain your home to make sure it is fit to live in. It is important to us that you are warm, comfortable and secure in your home and we want to work with you to help manage any damp and condensation issues to prevent mould growth.  

If you’re concerned about damp or mould, it’s important to report it as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken to address the issue. 

Here is what you can expect from us and what we expect from you if you tell us about damp, mould and/or condensation in your home.   

Our responsibilities

  • When you contact us, we will visit your home to identify the cause of the problem.  
  • If the cause is our responsibility, we will arrange for work to be carried out that will remove the problem. This could include upgrading ventilation in your kitchen and/or bathroom, improving insulation or dealing with leaks or external ground levels.  
  • It is unlikely that you will need to move out of your home when we do the work. However, if it is unsafe for you to stay in your home during the work, we will arrange alternative accommodation for you. 
  • Following the work, we will leave surfaces ready for you to decorate. 
  • We will give you general advice and guidance on how you can deal with moisture in your home.   

Your responsibilities 

Please make sure you tell us as soon as possible if:

  • you have any concerns about dampness and/or condensation in your home 
  • there is faulty equipment (such as an extractor fan) 
  • you are unable to open windows 
  • you have problems with your heating system
  • You must allow us and our contractors into your home to carry out inspections and repair work.
  • Please work with us by managing moisture in your home to help reduce the risk of mould coming back.  We have included some tips on this page to help you make small changes in your home to do this.
  • You have to get permission from us if you want to make any alterations or improvements to your home, for example, installing an outside tap or adding electrical sockets. Any proposed alterations must comply with any restrictions/conditions we impose and any applicable regulations.  

Please visit our Self Help Guides for more information and support.