What Causes Mould?

Mould is a fuzzy, sometimes colourful, unwanted guest that can show up in homes when it’s damp and soggy. Think of it like a plant that doesn’t need sunlight to grow, but it sure loves wet spots! When water gets cozy with things like paint or the paper on your walls, it’s party time for mould.

Imagine this: The paint or wallpaper is like a buffet for mould, and when you add a splash of water and the warmth of your home, mould spores, which are like tiny seeds floating through the air, find a spot to land and start to grow. They’re always around, sneaking in when you open a window or door.

Once those mould spores find a damp spot with just the right warmth, they start to grow. Mould can make our homes look and smell bad, and it’s not good for our health to have it around. So, it’s super important to keep our homes dry and clean.

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