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Information about Intelligent Energy Systems (IES)

 What is an Intelligent Energy System?  

An Intelligent Energy System (IES) is a combination of technologies that enable the monitoring of several energy efficiency measures within your home.  

What data will the IES collect?  

The data collected by the IES is similar to a Smart Meter but allows us a far better insight into your home’s usage and efficiency. Of course we can only obtain this data with your permission. 

Where will it be fitted in my home?  

During the Whole Home Survey, your home will be assessed and an appropriate location for your IES will be identified. These tend to be the kind of places you would find electric meters and switch boards etc.  

How big is the IES?  

There may be several iterations of the IES but we can assure you that the one fitted in your home will be no larger than:  

40cm tall, 30cm wide, 15cm deep  

For perspective, it’s similar to the size and shape of a shoe box.  

How much electricity does it use?  

The IES itself will require a minimal amount of power in order to monitor your energy usage. We’ve calculated that it should cost no more than £6 a year to run the system. 

Does it require an internet connection?  

Yes, in order to transmit the data it collects, the IES requires a stable internet connection.  

What are benefits of having an IES? 

The immediate benefit is access to a better understanding of how your fuel bill is split between heating, hot water and plug in appliances. You can use this to better understand and manage your fuel bills. 

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