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Families First – How can we help?

Any family that resides in Torfaen, with children or young people aged 0-18 that provides consent.

There are many reasons you or someone you know may need support. Whatever the difficulty, one of our friendly team of support officers will help you put together a plan of action to change your situation, and will stay working with you for up to 6 months.

We can help with:

assessing the needs of your family and putting together support to meet these needs

coordinating support from different agencies, forming a TAF (Team Around the Family)

arranging support if someone in your family has a disability

advising on specific projects/services that can help your families specific needs

Examples of what we can support you with:

Family relationships

Behavioural support – direct sessions/Parenting



Building School and Community Links

Self-esteem and confidence

Healthy relationships

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