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Keeping pests under control

As summer approaches, it’s common to notice an increase in pest-related issues.

This includes pests like ants, insects, rats, and mice becoming more active. Warmer weather, more food sources, and favourable conditions for breeding make it easier for pests to thrive and invade our homes.

Understanding who is responsible for what can help you effectively manage and prevent pest-related issues in your home or community. Let’s dive in and explore the frequently asked questions regarding pest control responsibilities:

Who is responsible for dealing with pests in the home?

It is your responsibility to contact Torfaen Council or a local pest control firm to have pests removed from your home.

If the pests have caused damage in your home,  please contact us and we will arrange to repair the damage.

In communal areas. It is Bron Afon’s responsibility to remove pests from communal areas.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep pests under control.

  • Keep your outdoor areas clean and free from food waste. Get rid of your rubbish properly and shut food containers tightly. This will put off pests from coming near your home.
  • If you notice pests coming into your home or outdoor space, try to find their entry points. You can then take steps to block them off or report repairs if needed.
  • Try some natural remedies. Some essential oils or vinegar solutions can put off pests. Keep your outdoor space tidy and clean.
  • Get professional Help. If you have persistent pest problems, you can contact Torfaen Council for advice and information on pest control treatments.
    Animals and Pests | Torfaen County Borough Council
  • Report any damage caused by pests in your home directly to us.

Please visit our Self Help Guides for any other questions.

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