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What is Bron Afon’s Complaints Procedure?

We aim to resolve complaints the first time. We have clear guidance for our staff to ensure we are fair, consistent, and open. Each complaint is different, but by following the same clear steps, we make sure that your complaint has been taken seriously and resolved professionally.

There are two stages to our complaints process.  You can find out more about these here.

Data Breach or GDPR concerns

Any allegations of breaches of data or GDPR can be passed to our Assurance Manager via email at data.protection@bronafon.org.uk.  The team will investigate the allegation within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach to assess if it is a reportable breach to the ICO.  The team will provide you with an outcome of your complaint and take any necessary actions.

Learning from complaints

We are keen to learn lessons from our customers when they have not been satisfied with our service.  We will look at the complaint investigations to make sure that lessons are learned to improve our handling of similar situations.  This may include changes to policies and/or procedures where necessary.

Performance Monitoring

We will:

  • Monitor comments, complaints, and compliments for each service and report findings regularly to Heads of Service and Directors.
  • Monitor the number of complaints resolved at each stage, and any trends in particular services or types of customers.
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