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I have a blocked sink or basin

Blockages in basins and sinks are usually caused by the build-up of waste in the trap, for example, fat, tea leaves, hair. We advise you to clear waste pipes and traps at least once a month.

Do not use caustic soda as it destroys the plastic fittings.

The trap always holds some water which stops air or foul smells coming up the drain.  However, waste can build up and become stuck in it.  If more than one fitting (bath, basin or sink) is blocked, the blockage maybe in the soil stack or main drain. If so, please contact us because we will need to clear the blockage.

To unblock a bath, basin or sink
• Scoop out most of the water using a jug or other container
• Hold a rag tightly over the overflow opening and place a plunger over the plug hole
• Pump the plunger up and down rapidly to clear the blockage

After clearing the blockage, it is advisable to rinse out with a household blockage cleaner.

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