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Andrew Lawrence shares his thoughts

As he completes three full terms as Chair of our Board, Andrew Lawrence shares his thoughts on his time in the role.

“It’s been a privilege to spend the last nine years as Chair of Bron Afon’s Board.

I have really enjoyed working with people who care about what they do and are committed to making a difference and improving things for others.

As I step down from my role, I have reflected on all that’s happened in the last nine years.

I believe Bron Afon’s strength is as a community mutual, and while engagement with members has changed, and continues to evolve, the mutual ethos and Bron Afon’s values remains consistent and strong. Long may that continue.

When I joined as Chair in 2014, Bron Afon was still a fairly new organisation, just six and a half years old. Board and executive roles needed to be established, relationships needed strengthening, and ways of working had to be embedded. Bron Afon and the Board now has more strategic purpose than it did when I arrived. I’m proud of the way in which it’s grown in experience and effectiveness.

We’ve all had to adapt to meet the demands and pace of change, none more so during the pandemic. It was an incredibly challenging time and so much was unknown, making planning ahead almost impossible. It was inspiring to see colleagues work together to continue to deliver essential frontline services.  This willingness to learn from change and respond in the right way has resulted in a more flexible way of working, and it’s good to see Bron Afon on a clear path to transform into a truly agile organisation.

I’m proud of the Board’s work with customers, colleagues, SMT and stakeholders to develop the new corporate strategy which renews our commitment to provide a quality home and a safe place to live. I’m confident this strategy will enable Bron Afon to successfully deliver the vision and strategic aims over the next five years.

There is always more progress to make, and I would love Bron Afon to operate at a faster pace to drive and create more impact. I think developing new homes, and continuing to be an active partner in communities and placemaking is where Bron Afon will make a real difference to the lives of people living in Torfaen.

I have very much enjoyed my role as Chair. I have felt fully supported by everyone on the Board and the executive. I leave this role knowing that a strong and committed CEO and senior leadership group have the skills, and shared values to deliver the right services for our customers and to work in partnership to help our communities to thrive.

I am grateful to have worked with Craig Nowell on the Board for five years. Craig has shared this journey during unprecedented times, and his commitment and passion for Bron Afon will continue the momentum for making a positive difference. I wish him every success as Bron Afon’s new Chair.

We know that people are at the heart of Bron Afon, and I feel privileged to have worked with talented groups of people on the Board, SMT, Heads of Service and other teams. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone I’ve met, and I know they will continue to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and our communities.

Thank you.”

Andrew Lawrence

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