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We’re removing trees affected by ash dieback

Have you heard of Ash Dieback?

It’s a highly destructive fungal ash tree disease that causes leaf loss and canopy decline and in some cases, causes the trees to die.

There is no evidence that ash dieback affects animal or human health but it has the potential to kill over 80% of British ash trees. This could have a devastating impact on our wildlife and natural environment and the weakened trees could be a risk to the public, so we’ve committed to doing something about it in our area.

From this month until the end of March, our Places and Spaces team will be removing ash trees infected with ash dieback on our land.  The aim is to replace each tree with a tree species native to the UK and plant them in places where they can thrive and support existing natural environments.

The team won’t be removing all ash trees but will make sure they check the diseased ones regularly.

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