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Who can make a complaint?

Any member of the public, including a child, who has received, or was entitled to receive, a service from us may make a complaint. The same applies if you have suffered due to the inappropriate action or lack of action taken by Bron Afon.

Where a concern is raised by a young person or child, we will assist to ensure they’re able to pursue their concern. Including notifying them of the help that could be provided by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

A concern can also be put forward by someone on behalf of another person, as follows:

  • Someone who is unwell or has died
  • A child
  • Those who lack the capacity (as defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005)
  • They have been asked to do so by the person affected

Where necessary we will ask your representative to provide proof that you have given them permission to act on your behalf and may obtain their signature to confirm this.



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