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What support can I get to pay my rent?

Outside of Bron Afon, there are several organizations that can provide support to our customers. Here are their names, contact details, and the assistance they offer:

  1. Turn2US: A national charity offering practical help to individuals facing financial struggles.
  2. Reuse Network: Supports reuse charities across the UK, focusing on poverty alleviation, waste reduction, and climate change.
  3. Family Fund: Assists families in Wales raising disabled or seriously ill children through grants.
  4. Credit Union: Provides financial products and services to members, including savings and loans.
  5. Glasspool Charity Trust: Offers grants to individuals experiencing financial hardship without restrictions on who they can help.
  6. Buttle UK: Supports children and young people in need due to poverty and family circumstances.
  7. The Cwmbran Trust: Provides funding for education, social amenities, and poverty relief in the NP44 area.
  8. Talisman Charitable Trust: Assists individuals of limited means with grants for essential needs like education and health.
  9. Elizabeth Finn Fund: Grants for people with reduced income or additional costs due to life-changing events.
  10. PaCE Project: Welsh government initiative supporting economically inactive parents into training and employment by overcoming childcare barriers.

    To refer a parent to PaCE contact Jacqueline Barton and Angela Jones via email

    Jacqueline Barton:

    Angela Jones:

  11. Life Skills from Barclays Bank: A digital platform offering various resources and support for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
  12. Access to Work: A publicly funded program providing practical and financial support for disabled individuals in employment.

These organisations outside of Bron Afon offer valuable help and support to our customers. Whether you’re facing financial struggles, raising a disabled child, in need of grants or financial services, or seeking assistance with employment and training, these organizations are here to provide the necessary support.

Feel free to reach out to them for more information and tailored assistance that can address your specific needs.

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