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What repairs are rechargeable?

Rechargeable Repairs

We respect and value you as a contract holder and in return we expect you to respect and value your home. There are times where we fix something that was caused by misuse, abuse or negligence by you, your family, or visitors to your home. In almost all cases we will charge you for this work. 

Here are some examples of repairs you could be recharged for if we do the work:

  • Deliberate damage to fixtures, fittings, or your home.
  • Misuse or vandalism to our appliances in your home.
  • Accidental damage caused by your family or visitors to your home.

We recommend you take out home contents insurance to cover accidental damage. 

If repair work is needed for this type of damage, we will not do it unless there is a risk to health and safety or it’s covered by the ‘right to repair’. 

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