What is the rent increase in 2023?

We recognise that this is a financially difficult time for everyone and our increase is below the current rate of inflation.

Our rent increase this year is 6.5% from April 2023 in line with Welsh Government Policy.

We have also used our rent policy to work out what you should pay.  You will see an increase of up to £2 per week over the 6.5% if you are below the target rent, and if you are above target rent you will see a decrease of up to 87p per week.  These levels are set to ensure the effect on Bron Afon’s finances is neutral and to help ensure the long term financial sustainability of the organisation.

Our rent policy aims to be: simple, fair, easy to understand and follows Welsh Government rules.  The policy calculates rent based on the number of bedrooms, the type of property and if it is in North or South Torfaen.  This has helped us to decide the rent that you should be paying.

We are not moving all customers to this amount of rent straight away, instead we are phasing in the changes over several years.  As rents currently vary between the same types of property, we will be doing it in the same fair way over time.

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