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What can I expect when I make a public liability claim?

Making a claim can be stressful, Here’s some guidance if you’re  considering making a claim against Bron Afon. If your circumstance meets the criteria listed below, then you’re entitled to make a claim. However, this doesn’t always mean that Bron Afon will be liable to pay you compensation:


  •  reported the issue/ defect to Bron Afon on more than one occasion within the last year.
  • ·the issue or defect must have been caused as a result of negligence or fault by Bron Afon. It cannot be as a result of works or property action you have undertaken independently.
  • · you must have done everything possible to reduce your losses, and keep claim costs to a minimum. For example, clearing belongings from an area of your home, preventing further damage, when you have identified a water leak.
  • ·you must tell your insurer straight away of any loss or damage sustained to your personal belongings. This will be a rule of your policy.

A helping hand when dealing with a claim.

Please click here to read our internal insurance policy and procedure for more information on what we need from you when making a claim and for more information on the claim process and timeframes. 

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