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What can I do in My Bron Afon?

Your Contract: Let us know about changes in your home and update us on your contact details.

Your Rent: Check your balance, make a payment, set up a direct debit, or use the budget calculator. Struggling with your payments? We understand that you can run into financial problems during your contract. You can make an agreement to clear any unpaid balance with affordable payments or contact us for support.

Your Repairs: Tell us about a non-urgent repair using the repairs booking system. Tell us what’s gone wrong, let us know when you’re available, and confirm a few extra details and that’s it! We will pick up your repair and contact you with a suitable appointment. Please tell us about an emergency repair by calling us as soon as possible.

Your requests: Are you experiencing Anti-social behaviour? We take this very seriously and will investigate any reports thoroughly. Fill in the online form and your Community Housing officer will be in touch. All reports of Anti-social behaviour are anonymous during the investigation. We will need your contact details in case we need to ask for further information and to keep you updated. Thinking of leaving us? Fill in and sign our online form to end your contract.

Online notifications: Booked a repair or sent us a form? ‘Your notifications’ will keep a handy record for you. Contact us: Find our contact information or use the online enquiry form to get in touch.

Feedback: Have ideas, suggestions, or comments about our services? Use the online feedback form to let us know. Get involved: Want to help us improve our services, meet new friends or learn new skills? Fill in our online form and our Community Development team will be in touch.

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