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What are the stages of shortlisting for a property?

When a home becomes available we will do any repairs needed before the new contract holder moves in. This could take some time and depends on the type of work needed. When work is almost finished we will go through the shortlist and contact you if you’ve been successful.

We will carry out a pre-contract interview with you. We will make sure that you can afford the property and that it fits your needs. You will need proof of ID – ideally photo ID and three months of bank statements.

If you are a current contract holder of ours we will arrange a time to look over your property.

If you are a contract holder of another Social Landlord with Homeseeker we will ask them for a reference.

If your pre-contract interview is successful and we can go ahead with the offer, we will arrange a viewing. If needed, an Occupational Therapist will be at the viewing to assess that the home is suitable.

If the home is suitable and you are happy to carry on, you can then sign for the property. Advanced payment of rent is needed at sign up.

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