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What are planned works & improvements?

These are works required to the home that are large scale, classed as non-urgent or are deemed to be improvements.  They will be inspected and put into Major Works programmes or improvement projects. There is no defined timescale for when these works will be completed. 

Planned work and improvements includes: 

  • Kitchen replacement.
  • Bathroom replacement.
  • Electrical rewiring.
  • Roof covering.
  • Gardens.
  • Fencing. 
  • Large scale plastering works.


If your home is due to have Planned works or improvements, we will:

  • Write to you in advance of the work. 
  • Provide you with contact details in case you have a question about the work or want to arrange a more convenient appointment.
  • Agree with you what work we will be doing.
  • For some types of work you will be able to choose the colour/style of the product used, for example kitchen units and worktops from a range that we offer. We will visit you to discuss in person what options are available before any work takes place.
  • Tell you the length of time we need to come into your home. 


You need to:

  • Contact us if you have any questions or if the appointment we have offered you is not suitable. 
  • Allow us access to your home at the agreed appointment time so we can ensure that you remain in the programme of work. 


We also carry out programmes of work which are repeated at regular intervals to protect health and safety and to maintain buildings and equipment in a good condition. These include items that are required by law, for example: 

  • Gas appliance servicing. 
  • Servicing and maintaining communal boilers and systems. 
  • Lift servicing. 
  • Testing electrical installations.
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