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What are my responsibilities when keeping a pet?

Responsible owner 

  • You are responsible for the health and welfare of your pets in accordance with the RSPCA 5 Freedoms and the Animal Welfare Act 2006. 
  • All pets kept in your home must be vaccinated and regularly treated for fleas and worms (if appropriate). 

Responsible Tenant 

  • You must make sure your pet does not cause any additional damage or unreasonable wear and tear to your home or the communal areas around it.   
  • You should not leave a pet alone in your home when you are away unless you have made clear arrangements to provide proper care for the pets and you notify Bron Afon of your temporary absence.  
  • You cannot breed animals or offer for sale any animals in the property without written permission. 

Responsible neighbour 

  • You must consider the effect your pets may have on your neighbours.  
  • If you live in a property with a communal front door, e.g flat or a retirement scheme, you much make sure your pets are kept on a lead at all times in communal areas.  
  • You must not let your pets foul within the vicinity of your home, communal hallways, landings, stairwells or gardens. When your pet fouls in any of these areas it is your responsibility to clean it up and dispose of the waste straight way.  
  • You must make sure your pets do not cause nuisance to neighbors. This includes excessive noise. 
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