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Resetting your trip switch

If you have an older style ‘fuse board’ with rewireable fuses, you should not try to repair or replace fuses yourself. Contact us for help. 

Many homes now have modern fuse boards called ‘consumer units’. These have circuit breakers or ‘trip switches’. If an electrical fault occurs, the circuit breakers will switch everything off to prevent injury and damage. If your home has a consumer unit it will be near your electricity meter. It is important you know the location of your consumer unit. 

Resetting a Trip 

If the trip goes again.

This may mean there is a fault in an appliance or light fitting. You will need to find out where the fault is by following these steps:

  • Unplug all appliances
  • Then reset the ‘tripped’ switch to the ON position (if it is a button, press it in)
  • Turn each appliance on, one at a time
  • If the trip switch goes again after you turn an appliance on, then the bulb or   light fitting may be faulty
  • Plug each appliance in and turn them on, one at a time
  • If the trip switch goes again after plugging an appliance back in, there is a fault with that appliance 
  • Turn the faulty light or appliance off and unplug it. You should then be able to reset the trip switch
  • If the switch keeps moving back to the off position, call us on 01633 620 111.
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