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How to replace your Kitchen Light & Starter Motor

Make sure that you use a step ladder and follow the instructions to set it up safely.

If your light is trying to come on it may be that the starter motor needs to be renewed.  These cost about 60p and are small round batteries.  You may want to renew this before trying to replace the tube.

The starter motor is located at the end of the lamp. 

To remove this, simply twist and pull out.

Insert your new starter with the two prongs entering the fitting.  Push and twist at the same time to fit the starter.

If your light tube needs replacing and you’re not comfortable doing this by yourself, ask a friend or relative for help as it is five feet long.

First, carefully remove the plastic shade by undoing the clips around it on all sides.

Next, carefully twist the tube towards you and it will slide out.

Take the new tube and find these pins on both ends.  

Line them up so that you can slide the tube into the fitting. 

Twist the tube away from you and it will lock into place.

Finally, replace the shade by holding it in position and securing the clips around all sides.

That’s it!  You can now turn your light back on.

Add it to your shopping list:

You need to buy a 58 Watt, five-foot fluorescent tube and/or starter motor.

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