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I’ve found a dead animal, what can you do?

It is unlikely we would attend to remove a dead animal in the open or from your property. You should consult the Council about proper disposal.

However, if you come across a small dead animal, there are steps you can take to responsibly manage its disposal. One method is to carefully wrap the animal using protective gloves and a plastic bag. This helps prevent direct contact with the carcass, reducing the chances of contamination. Once securely wrapped, the animal can then be placed in your black bin.

The Council operate a similar approach and have this advice for dead animals found on public land (this would include most roads and footpaths).

You can report a dead animal on public land here.  Please provide accurate information e.g., the exact location and details of the type of animal involved will help officers to respond to swiftly to the report of a dead animal. Dead animals will be removed from public land within 48 hours of receiving a report. If the report is considered to constitute a danger to highway users and/or public health, then officers will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. There is no charge for this service if the animal is situated on public land. However, a charge may be made for removal from private land.

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