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Is there a charge for a new purple-lidded bin?

Residents will be charged £5 for replacement purple lidded bins, unless they were broken or damaged during your bin collection.

To reduce the risk of your bin being lost, misplaced or stolen, residents are advised to number and/or personalise their bins. This makes it easier for the crews to put bins back in the right place.

If your bin is damaged or broken during the collection the crew will record this using the tracker system, you will receive a card through your door notifying you that a replacement has been ordered. There is no charge for replacement recycling receptacles.

Further information is available on the Replacement Purple Lidded Bins – Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you wish to order a purple lidded bin, please call Torfaen CBC on 01495 762200
Email: streetscene@torfaen.gov.uk

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