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Helpful Tips for preventing damp, mould and condensation.

Let light into your home.

Moist and dark spaces are breeding grounds for mould, so keep your curtains open during the day to let natural light and fresh air to enter the room.

Keep air moisture to a minimum.

Dry any condensation that may be on your walls, ceilings, and windowsills. Dehumidifiers can also help to remove moisture from the air.

Remove any excess moisture.

To prevent mould and condensation forming, dry and wipe any areas with excess moisture. This could be your bedroom windows after a night’s sleep, just wipe them down with a dry cloth.

Ensure your home is well-ventilated.

Ventilation is key when it comes to tackling condensation. Open trickle vents on windows or open a window to allow a little air to the room.

Keep your home sealed from water.

If you have any concerns about water coming into your home, please contact us.

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