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Electrical Testing & Safety

Every five years, we need to test your home’s electrical system and fitted appliances to make sure they are safe.

We will contact you when we need to do this.

It is very important you allow us access for your electric safety inspections in your home.

These important checks will help to keep you and your family safe.


  • Do not overload sockets – use one plug in each socket.
  • Do not plug an extension lead into another extension lead.
  • Keep electrical leads, plugs and appliances away from water.
  • Never buy an electrical appliance without knowing it is safe to use.
  • If the appliance is second-hand, always have it checked by a qualified electrician before you use it.
  • Switch off and unplug electrical appliances if you are not using them, unless they are designed to be left on.
  • Store electric blankets either flat or rolled to protect the electrical wiring.
  • Position portable heaters against the wall; never place them along your escape route or near flammable items.
  • Lights and bulbs can get very hot, be careful where you position them.
  • Always use the correct fuse rating for the appliance being used.
  • Be careful when using plug-in air fresheners
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