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Contract transfer (Assignment)

A Contract Transfer is a way a contract can be legally transferred from one person to another.  It can only be granted to a person eligible to succeed the contract and can only be completed once.  Once this has taken place, it cannot be transferred again.

Who can a contract holder transfer to?

Transfers can only be permitted for Secure Contracts and when there hasn’t already been a succession.  The proposed person must be:

  • A husband, wife or partner

(partner refers to man and woman living together as husband and wife and same sex partner living together whether or not they have also registered as civil partners)

  • A member of your family who has lived with you for the last 12 months

(parent, grandparent, child, step-child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, carer, niece or nephew)


How do I apply to assign my Contract?

A Contract Transfer application must be completed and returned to the Community Housing team with all relevant supporting evidence.


What happens once I’ve submitted my application?

Your Community Housing Officer will assess your application and complete an investigation to decide if you qualify. If additional information is required, the CHO must request this within 14 days of the application being received. A full decision will be provided within one month, following receipt of this information. They will then complete a pre-contract assessment with you to identify any support needs that you may have and explain the expectations of being a Bron Afon Contract Holder.

If your Contract Transfer request is granted, we will contact you to make arrangements to complete the relevant paperwork with you and the person you’re transferring the contract to.  This will be completed on a Monday.  The assigned new contract holder will need to pay the first week’s rent, water and service charge payment before signing the transfer documentation.  A copy of this will be given to you both.

Once completed, you will no longer have a legal right or responsibility to the property; however you are able to remain living in the home if the contract Holder allows you to.


Can we refuse an assignment?

Yes, an assignment can and should be refused if:

  • You are in arrears until you pay off the arrears
  • You have broken the terms of this agreement until you put the breach right
  • we have obtained a court order against you requiring you to leave your home
  • we have begun court proceedings against you requiring you to leave your home or served you with a notice that we intend to take court proceedings
  • your home is larger than needed by the individual whom you are proposing to transfer to
  • The proposed assignee cannot prove residency in the property for 12+ months
  • The proposed assignee has shown poor conduct at the property
  • we only provide your home to certain categories of people (e.g. people with physical disabilities) and the individual whom you are proposing to transfer to does not fall into any of those categories
  • we provide specialist support or specialist accommodation for people with special needs and if you exchange there would be no-one living in your home who has those needs.

You will be informed by your Community Housing Officer if the transfer has not been approved and the reasons why.



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