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Coronavirus – latest updates

Please check this page regularly. It will be kept up to date with information to give you support and advice during the coronavirus situation.

If you need to contact us during office hours, Monday to Friday, try out our Live Chat on our site. Just click the Live Chat box at the bottom of your screen and you can be talking to one of our team within seconds.


Our services


Are you still taking on new tenants?  

We are doing new tenancy sign-ups digitally.

I want to end my tenancy. What do I do?

Please write a Notice stating you wish to end your tenancy with us and sign it, take a photo of it and email it to us at We will then give you your 4 week end of tenancy date. If you have any issues handing in your keys please email us as soon as possible.

I’ve started to end my tenancy. What do I do?

If you have already given us a Notice to end your tenancy and are due to hand in your keys but are unable to bring them to our office we will put your Notice to end your tenancy on an indefinite extension due to the current circumstances.

If this applies to you please can you request an indefinite extension to your Notice in writing via email to

How can I hand in my keys if your office is closed?

I’m sorry but we can’t pick up your keys from you. Can you please post the keys to us at Bron Afon, William Brown Close, Llantaram Industrial Park, Cwmbran, NP44 3AB and label them with your details. We also have a box just inside the first set of double doors in our Llantarnam office.

If you give your Notice in via My Bron Afon we will contact you by telephone to advise you of the end of tenancy declaration.

You can hand your Notice in and progress with ending your tenancy but we will extend the Notice period, meaning you will still be charged rent until the keys to your property are returned to us.

Will you still be carrying out my annual gas service?

  • Our gas servicing programme  is seen as essential safety works by the UK Government and ensures that gas systems are safe. You allowing access to your home for us to undertake the required testing is very much appreciated to ensure the safety of you and your home.
  • Your appointment will be communicated to you via letter.
  • If you have a query regarding gas servicing or you need to change your appointment please contact the Gas Servicing Team on 07971625283 or 07875155698.

I’m stuggling in my home and think I need some adaptions made.

  • If you are struggling and think you need something like a level access shower or a stair lift please call Torfaen Council on 01495 76220 and ask to speak to  an Occupation Therapy Assessment.
  • ‘If you think you need something minor such as grab rail by your back door please contact us and we can look into how we can help.

Do you deal with pest control?

  • No, we no longer deal with pests. However, we will come to your property to patch up any holes left by pests. Visit   British Pest Control Association website for advice on dealing with different kinds of pests and finding a local pest control company.

Helpful information


Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has produced a handy guide to the support and help available for tenants in Wales. Download a copy by clicking here.

Benefit Support /Council Tax

Click here for info on help and advice for things including housing and council tax benefits, backdated benefits, discretionary housing payments, the local housing allowance and Universal Credit information

Contact if your worried about council tax payments, court or bailiff action

Torfaen Council

Click here for updates on service closures and COVID-19 information.

Gateway Credit Union

Click for info on the credit union’s savings and loans. You can also call 01495 742500 or email

Torfaen Age Connects

Visit the Age Connect Torfaen website for details of how their services are affected. Email or call 01495 769264

Torfaen Care and Repair Service

Visit the Care and Repair website for details on how their services are affected. Call 0300 111 3333

Torfaen Family Information Service

Visit their website for a Guide to Family support services. Call 0800 0196330 or email

Torfaen Care and Support Services Directory

Visit their site to find out about  supporting services available in Torfaen.

  • Adult social care
  • Children’s Services
  • Direct Payments scheme
  • Safeguarding
  • Family services

Torfaen Meals on Wheels

Visit their site to find out more about the service.

Public Health Wales

Visit their site for daily updates on the coronavirus situation in Wales.

Local services directory – Dewis Cymru

Dewis Cymru is a massive A-Z online directory of services in your area, from pharmacists to help groups.

Out of hours chemists

Visit this site to find out what chemists are available in the area.

Rent and money worries


We are here to help. Watch this short video to see some of the ways we can support you during this challenging time.

I’m worried about paying my rent. How can you help?

Contact us as soon as you have any worries about paying your rent. Everyone’s situation is different so we need to talk you about your circumstances and offer you individual help.

One of our colleagues will also make sure you are claiming any money or benefits you are entitled to during this difficult time.

If you receive housing benefit for Universal Credit you may be eligible for  discretionary housing payment.

I’m worried about paying my council tax. How can you help?

Chat to Torfaen Council if you’re having difficulty paying your council tax. They council may be able to do a few things including a check if you’re entitled to a discount or possibly spread payments over 12 months.

Find out more by clicking this link to their website. Message the council on social media, email or call 01495 762200

I am self-isolating so using another bedroom. Will I still need to pay the Bedroom Tax?

Torfaen Council have agreed to pay a month’s full discretionary housing payment to cover the spare bedroom. Contact us and we can help you apply.



Do you have any queries about coronavirus and claiming benefits? This handy page on the Governments’ website is updated regularly with information to support those who are affected by coronavirus.

What other help is available?

Here are some of the ways other customers have found really useful.

Gas and electric supplier– contact your supplier. They may offer a discount or be able to put credit on your meter if you’re self-isolating and can’t get out of your home.

Energy firms are putting in place new measures to help prepayment customers unable to top up during the coronavirus pandemic. Money Saving Expert has listed company-by-company info in this link, but plans include posting cards loaded with emergency credit to those unable to leave home as they need to self-isolate. Please read the story to see what your supplier is  doing.

Welsh Water– You may qualify for help on your water bill. Talk to us, or visit Welsh Water’s webite’s help page. Their HelpU scheme is for customers on low incomes.

Food vouchers/ parcels– If you’re experiencing major money problems our staff will help you get a food voucher or parcel.

DIY videos

There are simple things you can do yourself including repressurising your boiler and problems with your thermostat.

You can view more of our videos here.


What will happen if you come to my home?

If we come to your home we will following all guidelines around social distancing and asking you to stay in another room while the work is done. Our staff will wash their hands on arrival and before they leave your home.

  • If you are self-isolating with symptoms, we will try to talk you through making  the issue safe/ fixing the issue without us having to enter your home.
  • If you are waiting for us to carry out a non-urgent repair please don’t contact us as it will affect the service we can provide to customers.

If you are worried about paying your rent please contact us using any of the ways listed above and one of our colleagues will be in touch.

Non-emergency repairs

We are now carrying out non-emergency repairs inside your home, but at the moment we won’t be able to give you an appointment when you first report it. Instead we will contact back when we have slot available.

If you have already reported a repair there is no need to contact us unless it is now an emergency as our team will be in touch with you to book an appointment when one is available. You can check your My Bron Afon account at any time for confirmation that your repair is on our system.

We want to thank you for your continued patience.

I reported a non-urgent repair. When will it be done?

If you have already reported a repair there is no need to contact us unless it is now an emergency as our team will be in touch with you to book an appointment when one is available. You can check your My Bron Afon account at any time for confirmation that your repair is on our system.

When will you start offering appointments for reports of new repairs?

We continue to deal with same day emergencies and for less urgent repairs you can either report this yourself using your My Bron Afon account or you can tell one of the team and we will log this on our system. One of the team will contact you with an appointment to fix your repair as soon as we are able. However, we hope to be able to offer you the ability to choose your own appointments for all repairs again soon so watch this space!

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for all the latest updates. If you email with your account number, name and address we can also send you our regular email newsletter.

What safety measures are in place to keep me safe when you are in my home?

Every member of our staff has been trained and safety is always at the forefront of our minds. When we give you an appointment we will ask you some questions to find out if you or anyone in your home has symptoms, is isolating or has been abroad.

  • On the day of the appointment our staff will ask you the same questions by calling you and then checking again when they arrive at your home.
  • We will explain what we are going to do and ask you to stay in another part of your home while we do the work.
  • We will wear a face covering when we are in any enclosed space with you.
  • We will wipe down anything we have touched when we finish.
  • We’d also ask you to maintain social distancing at all times.

I have logged a non-urgent repair but do not want you to come into my home.

Speak to us and we may be able to put your mind at ease with the safety precautions we are taking. If you still don’t want us to do this work right now then we can cancel your request. As soon as you are comfortable for us to come into your home you can use your My Bron Afon account to tell us about your repair.

Will you still be carrying out my annual gas service?

  • Our gas servicing programme is seen as essential work by the government and ensures that your home is safe. We really appreciate you allowing us into your home to do the checks.
  • We will write to you with an appointment.
  • Call our gas servicing team on 07971 625283 or 07875 155698 if you have any questions or need to change your appointment.

Emergency repairs

Everything we are doing is to keep you, our customers, and our staff safe at this difficult time and are grateful for your patience and support.

If you have an emergency repair such as:

  • Water leaks from your plumbing system – Where water cannot be controlled
  • Gas leaks or suspected gas leaks
  • Suspected carbon monoxide
  • Severe water leak, causing your home to flood
  • Water leaks that effect electrics
  • Serious electrical faults
  • Complete light failure in shared areas
  • Insecure ground floor of your home – Securing doors or locks to prevent someone breaking in.
  • Breakdown of heating where you have no other form of heating.
  • Blocked or leaking drains- Where there is a risk of flooding to your home.
  • No useable toilet due to a fault or blockage.
  • Structural repairs that could impact the safety of you or the public.
  • Trip hazards that are uncontrollable. An example of a controllable hazard could be a hole in your garden and we could ask you to avoid going outside to stop the risk.

Please call us on 01633 620 111 (24-hours a day) to report your emergency repair or alternatively please chat to us via Live Chat (during office hours) by clicking on the Live Chat box at the bottom of your screen.

Adaptations Frequently asked questions


Minor works

(e.g handrails, grabrails, flashing doorbells, smoke alarm alerts, external lighting, lever taps etc.)

My external minor adaption request was made before March 23rd when will it be done?

The adaptions team are now working through these requests and allocating these works to contractors. Once this has been done the contractor will contact the tenant to arrange the start of the works.

My internal minor adaption request was made after March 23rd when will it be done?

The adaptions team are now surveying and assessing the internal adaption requests made before this time and will be allocating the works to contractors within the next few weeks.  Once appointed the contractor will in the touch with the tenant to arrange the start of the works.

I requested a minor adaption after March 23rd when is someone attending?

Any internal works that were requested following March 23rd are currently not able to be completed due to the current backlog of those requested before lockdown and also the implications of working in people’s homes at present. We’re hopeful that by September this should be up and running again and this backlog would be cleared by Christmas 2020.


Major works

(Stairlifts, level access shower, lifts, etc.)

There has been a request made for me to have a stairlift, when will this be fitted?
Our adaptions team are starting to progress with the installation of stairlifts and all outstanding works are now in the process of being allocated to contractors. Once appointed they will be in contact shortly to arrange an appointment.


I have requested a Level Access Shower or other internal major works, is there an update on when this might be completed?
We are currently reviewing how we get this work done and each customer will be contacted over the coming weeks to discuss their situation and the outcome of this conversation that will determine whether the works go ahead or not. If they do, then we can allocate to a contractor who should complete the work by September or October this year. If they don’t, then this could extend to end 2020 or beginning of 2021 (given that there is not a second wave)

When will my external major works be completed?
All outstanding major external work is currently allocated or being allocated and will be completed in the next few weeks. Rob Nicholls or a contractor will be in contact shortly to arrange an appointment.


New adaption requests

If a tenant requests a minor adaption please email the adaptations team and ask for the minor adaptions request form and email it back to us.

If a major adaptation is being requested such as a level access shower or a stair lift the tenant would need to contact TCBC for an Occupation Therapy Assessment.


Contacting us