My Bron Afon

Your tenancy

Having a tenancy is a big responsibility, but you are not alone.

When you become our tenant, we will explain your responsibilities for paying your rent, doing repairs to your home, or any other part of your tenancy agreement to you in a clear way.

Throughout your tenancy you may need our help.  Our money solutions team can advise you on your rent and tell you about ways to make your money go further.   Your community manager will deal with any changes to your family size or anything that might affect your tenancy.  They will also work with our community safety team and the Police if needed, to keep you safe if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour.   We can also put you in touch with other organisations who can also help you.

This is your tenancy but sometimes you may need a bit of extra help, so we will be there for you if you need us, because a successful tenancy helps to make a happy community, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.