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Renting Homes Act

What is the Renting Homes Act Wales?

The way you rent is changing for all tenants and landlords in Wales. In 2016 the Senedd passed the Renting...

What is the Renting Home Act changing?

Tenancy Agreements will be replaced with Occupation Contracts. All properties must be safe. For example, homes must have working smoke...

When will the Renting Homes Act Wales happen?

The Renting Homes Act Wales will happen from 1st December 2022.

What is the purpose of the Renting Homes Act?

Makes contracts clearer and makes sure the condition of rental homes in Wales are kept to a high standard. Gives...

What does the Renting Homes Act Wales mean for me?

It will improve your rights and make them clearer. It will improve how landlords manage rented homes in Wales. For...