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Right to Buy

What is Right to Buy?

Depending on how long you have lived with us you may have the Right to Buy your home at a discount of up to £8,000 off the market value.

However, the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire is ending in Wales on 26 January 2019. You can find more information here.

How do I apply for Right to Buy?

Applying is easy. Download this application form and post it back to us.

What happens next?

We send you a RTB2 Notice within four weeks letting you know whether or not you qualify. If you do there will be a charge as we will need to get your home valued.

Once your home has been valued you will get a sale offer telling you what the market value of your home is, how much discount you will receive and how much you can buy it for. Don’t panic though as you have three months to decide if you want to go ahead and buy it or stay paying rent.

If you think the valuation is wrong you can ask for an independent valuation from the District Valuers Office. There is a section on your sale offer form to ask for this. You need to do this within three months of the sale offer date.

If you have any questions about Right to Buy please contact us.